THE THEATRE @ BOSTON COURT presents its annual play festival


presents its annual play festival March 13th & 14th

We are thrilled to announce that The Theatre @ Boston Court will
present its annual play festival March 13–14, 2010 at Boston Court
Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, CA. In concert with Artistic Directors
Jessica Kubzansky and Michael Michetti, we have selected four highly
compelling and theatrical plays for this year’s festival from four of the most
original voices writing for the stage. We invite you to spend the weekend
with us, as we celebrate and support these extremely talented playwrights
and their extraordinary work. You don’t want to miss it!

The Theatre @ Boston Court’s play festival presents plays that are in
keeping with Boston Court’s mission statement, which urges its artists to
fearlessly and passionately pursue their unique voice and vision. Play
selection encompasses a wide variety of genres, with a special emphasis on
nurturing playwrights and new play development, which are inherently
theatrical, textually rich, and visually arresting. The free readings are open
to the public and reservations can be made by calling (626) 683-6883.

Here’s this year’s exciting line-up:

by John Walch
Saturday, March 13 at 12:30PM
When a private foundation offers a large grant to a financially troubled
prep school, it gives the ailing school a chance at survival. The catch is
that the school must alter its science curriculum to teach Intelligent
Design along side evolution. The offer ignites a 150-year-old grudge
match that reawakens the spirit of Thomas Henry Huxley — the Victorian
scientist known as “Darwin’s Bulldog” — and polarizes the community.
The play explores what happens when opposing viewpoints collide and,
employing some truly inventive theatricality, traces the inner leaps of
trust and faith one needs to find common ground.

by Jennifer Haley
Saturday, March 13 at 3:30PM
A reclusive fiction writer diagnosed with dementia must depend upon a
troubled young woman to finish her last book, an autobiography, which
morphs into the shape of her own personal fairy tale. Delving into the
dark woods of her past, the two wrestle over the nature of language,
loneliness, and the essential self.

by Ken Urban
Sunday, March 14 at 11:30AM
Malcolm is trapped with his dying mother in the middle of a freak
snowstorm.  Gabrielle is an Eastern European actress who has found herself in
Iran making anti-American films. Nate, a potential Canadian with a tan, is
a substitute teacher, proctoring a foreign language exam. Slowly, they
awaken to the fact that their lives are undeniably linked. Inspired by the
philosophical fragments of Heraclitus, The Awake is a play for dreamers
about finding hope when you least expect it.

by Carter W. Lewis
Sunday, March 14 at 2:00PM
A darkly funny and deeply moving exploration of the ways we love, lose
and learn, not necessarily in that order. Life gets dangerous when a
young English teacher involves herself in the personal lives of two of her
students, a strange boy with a gift for writing and a brooding young girl
with a nail gun.

We hope to see you there. Thanks for being a theatre maker!


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