A Message from Nathan Singh, Assistant Director for OEDIPUS EL REY

Luis (left) and Nathan (right) discuss something important

Hi! My name is Nathan and I am the Assistant Director on Oedipus, El Rey at Boston Court Performing Arts Center.

In 2005, I saw the Luis Alfaro play Electricidad at the Mark Taper Forum. That production was absolutely thrilling and had an impact on me as an artist. I loved that play so much that I came back and watched it a second time, bringing my dad and uncle with me.  Who knew that five years later, I would be working with Luis Alfaro on his newest play.  It’s as if fate/destiny has led me to work with Luis (fate/destiny being a central concept in Oedipus; can you say “irony?!”)

The Theatre @ Boston Court is such a fun playground!  Boston Court, to me, is like a Vampire (stick with me on this…) in that they sink their teeth into Art and drink of it’s blood, then they open their own vein a drip new life into it (in a sexy and theatrical way!) They are constantly reinventing the way we view and create theatre!

My experience, as Assistant Director, on Oedipus, El Rey has really been hands-on and collaborative. I do everything from taking notes for Jon [Director, Jon Lawrence Rivera], running lines with the actors, working different scenes, and more. I am most proud of the Oedipus research binder I created that has tons of research on everything within the world of the play, from the Aztec deities and Pico/Union culture to the mythological significance of owls. The actors and creative team use this as a reference guide during the rehearsal process. I am also responsible of preparing our understudy cast for performances.  We have a full understudy cast and they are all awesome!

My favorite part of the process was having dramaturgical conversations with Luis, Jon and Jessica Kubzansky (Dramaturg and Co-Artistic Director) before rehearsals. I not only got the opportunity to see the development of the play right before my eyes, but I also got to have great conversations with LA’s most influential Theatre artists.

As I sit in Boston Court’s theater and write this, I reflect on how incredibly lucky I am to be working here with these wonderful people! I cannot wait for my next Boston Court adventure! I hope you all enjoy Oedipus, El Rey!


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