One blogger’s opinion…

(Reposted with permission by Lily Lemony herself)

This weekend, the Boston Court Theatre, in my beloved Pasadena is having their special annual PLAY/ground reading series. The weekend consists of four new plays that are performed as “readings,” hence without any large set pieces or costumes. Ever since I happened upon the theatre randomly after getting lost trying to find my car in a pay lot last year, I have been dying for an excuse to go. Thanks to Facebook, I discovered the series was being put on this weekend and it was free, so I happily added my name to the list.

I got there in good time and parked in their awesome free parking lot, which delighted me to no end. I was expecting to park in a pay lot and walk over, but nope, they have ample free parking behind their theatre. Score! A woman sitting nearby smiled at me as I came into the lot, which gave me a good vibe about the place already. It turned out she was with the theatre, and kindly told me to head around the front to the lobby.

Go to Elisa’s livejournal to read her post in its entirety…


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