Good Book Rehearsals Begin!

Yesterday, rehearsals for The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder got off to a terrific start with design presentations and the first table read!  Here for your viewing pleasure are some pictures of the first rehearsal.

Michael Michetti, Tim Wright of Circle X, and Jessica Kubzansky kicked things off with a big Welcome…and a hint about where to find snacks.

Next, The Good Book’s intrepid director John Langs talked about his vision for the play and showed the cast a mini model of the set, assembled in just one hour by the fantastic Pete Sauber.  Bet you can’t guess whether the binder clip will really be part of the set!

Then came presentations from Dianne, the very stylish costume designer, and Bruno, the sound designer and composer of some incredible original music!  No pictures of that presentation, though, as you might imagine.

Then the actors took over for the table read– but you’d never know that it was their first time reading the script aloud!

With many British accents already in the works, our amazing actors started getting into character even as they sat at the table.  We laughed, we cried, we got excited for the show.  You can get tickets now to see these fantastic sets, costumes, and actors for yourself!


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