Good Book Set Build

Due to the fabulous success and extended run of The Twentieth-Century Way, the masters behind our sets have a very limited amount of time to build the set for The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder. Previews start in less than a month, so the guys were hard at work!  But right now, our beloved theater looks…well, it’ll all be put back together by the time you come and visit us next!

Until then, we take you behind the scenes so you can see our multi-talented team at work.

The stage and wings of the theater, where the platform is being built.


The view from the stage.  Up above, you can see the control booth.


This is Pete, our intimidatingly knowledgeable Tech Director, hard at work.

Then, through these doors is Pete’s shop.


In the parking lot, wood is being cut by several different menacing machines.  Thankfully it’s not too sweltering today, but our hard-working team will persevere in rain or shine!


Brandon and Mike carefully push a piece of wood across the table saw.  Nice teamwork, guys!

But what will the set look like when it’s completed?  You’ll have to come and see the show to find out!

The Theatre @ Boston Court and Circle X Theatre Co. present:

The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder

by Moby Pomerance

directed by John Langs

A deliciously witty exploration of the very special misery only the smartest family members can inflict upon one another. In 1880s England, James Murray pursues the Sisyphean task of creating the Oxford English Dictionary, alongside his brilliantly caustic daughter who is now responsible for Murray, his seemingly prodigal son, and a garden shed full of thousands of slips of paper bearing definitions. When does a lifework end and your own life begin?

Performances July 22- August 29, 2010.

Click here to buy tickets


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