Happy North America Day!

Never able to resist the urge to gorge ourselves at work, the staff at Boston Court celebrated North America Day today!  As invented holidays go, this one was a big success.  People of all ages and nationalities (or maybe just American and Canadian) convened outside to enjoy a variety of foods brought in by all the staff.  Everyone brought something that represented where they’re from, or the kind of food they ate as children.


At left, just a sampling of our delicious food: giant slices of watermelon, hot dogs, freshly-grilled tri-tip inspired by Texas, and questionably Californian pasta salad!


At right, about half of the total smorgasbord that left us fat and happy all afternoon.  Unfortunately you can’t see the handcrafted decorations made specially for the lunch: banners of famous Mexicans, Americans and Canadians that make our continent great.


Did you know that dill pickle-flavored chips, a Canadian favorite, can be procured here in Southern California?  Reviews on the chips themselves were mixed, so we highly recommend you try them for yourself!

We absolutely loved our Canadian and Pennsylvanian desserts, our very authentic guacamole, fresh tomato salad, Michigan-reminiscent pizza, mom-inspired pasta…and maybe not so much the mutant meatless hot dogs.


Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think this holiday is bound to be the next big thing.  Start planning for North America Day 2011!


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