Staff Introductions

The Boston Court staff are a colorful bunch of individuals.  In case you haven’t had the chance to meet us all yet, here’s a quick introduction, in no particular order.


Michael Seel, Executive Director

Michael: “I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.”


Hillary Metcalf, Managing Director

Hillary: “Don’t treat me any differently than you would the Queen.”


Pete Sauber, Technical Director

Pete: “It’s a fine line between sayings that make sense.”


Liza Tognazzini, Production Manager

Liza: Did you know that there is no way to write one phrase about yourself that includes the words “curling”, “space camp”, “astronomy” and “harry potter” that doesn’t sound insanely geeky?


Michael Michetti, Co-Artistic Director

Michael: “The kind of spontaneity I like best is the kind that comes after five weeks’ rehearsal!”   -Noel Coward


Jessica Kubzansky, Co-Artistic Director

Jessica: “The art of illusion is the art of love. And love is the blood-red heart of the world. At times I think there’s nothing else.” –Tony Kushner and Pierre Corneille


Meg Hackney, Events Manager

Meg: This is my resting face.


Brian Polak, Marketing/Development Associate

Brian: I am the voice behind Boston Court’s Facebook, Twitter and general marketing.  I was also the voice of “Alf” in season 2.


Brandon Dobbins, Membership Coordinator

Brandon: “Those who hear not the music, think the dancer mad.”


Aaron Henne, Co-Literary Manager

Aaron: “We are all born mad.”  – Samuel Beckett; “A thing is not necessarily either true or false; it can be both…” – Harold Pinter


Brett Webster, Co-Literary Manager

Brett is in Ireland this week with his family, so he is exempt from having to sum up his identity in one sentence.


Mike Field, Production Intern

Mike: I’m the intern from Occidental College looking to pursue a career in production design.


Taylor Callobre, Producing Intern

Taylor: I’m half ninja.


3 responses to “Staff Introductions

  1. You are a clever, witty bunch! Love the intros, it really gives a sense of you all individually and as a creative team.


  2. Good LORD. Get back to work, won’t you?


  3. Steven Carlisle

    That is funny, I was behind Michael the other day on Green Street and saw the license tag…I was going to comment on FB about that.


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