Community Partner: Young Storytellers Foundation

With every show we put on, we choose a community partner: another non-profit in the area whose purpose and goals we support and would like to highlight.  Our community partner for The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder is the Young Storytellers Foundation.

The Foundation works in Southern California Title I schools, classified as having the highest concentration of students from impoverished homes.  These schools often receive little arts funding, and what they do receive is often first to be left out in the event of budget cutbacks.  Created by three screenwriters in 2003, the organization has matched thousands of mentors with students to work one-on-one for one hour for nine weeks at a time.  The mentors assist the students in writing imaginative short screenplays, and at the end of the program, famous Hollywood actors visit the school to perform the screenplays for a live audience.  Serving over thirty schools, the Foundation has fostered creativity and enjoyment of education for some of Southern California’s most underserved and deserving children, and offers Hollywood professionals a way to give back to the community.

The children in the program are given a unique chance to explore critical thinking and creativity in a safe, fun environment, and at the same time improve their understanding of grade level standards in reading, writing and performing arts.  Also, the students are introduced to the basics of creative writing, giving them a voice in their schools and neighborhood communities and allowing them to experience the impact that their thoughts, feelings, and words can have on the world in which they live.

Volunteers for Young Storytellers Foundation increase students’ self-esteem and give them a unique creative outlet; in return, they get to take part in a fun and rewarding process.  The Foundation is always looking for more mentors, so to volunteer your time or make a donation, go to their website at


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