“Angry Patrons” Blog Post

Angry Patrons, a blog about theatre goings-on both onstage and backstage, has written an entry about The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder!  Blogger James came in early, during our first preview weekend, to see the show.  He writes,

“The script is a masterful effort, with quips and rants appropriately confined within such a house (shed) of knowledge…It certainly makes you consider all that you’ve absorbed while living on this earth and how much of it you’ve actually needed to use. The dialogue lives and breathes by the great cast of actors assembled to play such an inglorious crew. So much wisdom is ripe for the picking in this play and so many lines ring true and impactful. It demands the respect of the English language, and as Professor Murray states while pondering in the dark, ‘In one sentence…a revolution.'”

To read the rest, go here.  To see the show for yourself, buy your tickets now!


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