Boston Court Leads LA Theaters with 17 Noms

Ovation Award nominations were announced last night at The Autry Museum in Griffith Park.   These awards occur every year and one just never knows what will be recognized and what will not.  There are years when you see a play and think “Now THAT was amazing!” And when the Ovation Awards are announced, it’s as if that amazing play never existed.   And then, well, sometimes the opposite happens.

What almost never happens is what occurred last night.   The Theatre @ Boston Court received more nominations than any theater, large or small, in Los Angeles.  17 total nominations + 1 additional Ovation Honor (complete list below.)

Ask anybody who works as a theatre maker and they will tell you that awards and recognition aren’t why they do it.  They wouldn’t be lying.  That’s how we all honestly feel.  We’d still be creating theatre if there were no such thing as awards.  But we would be lying if we didn’t admit that it feels amazing to have our peers recognize us for the work we’ve done.  And that is what’s so great about the Ovation Awards.  They are peer-voted.  The nominations and winners aren’t selected in some dark and smokey room in the basement of a downtown building.

There were close to 400 plays eligible for nominations this year.  That’s an enormous number and illustrates how competitive this can be.  Simply being nominated is an amazing accomplishment.  That is why we are so proud right now.  All of the theatre artists who come work with us are amazing.  We’re so happy to see many of them recognized.

Congratulations to everybody involved in The Theatre @ Boston Court’s productions.  Literally none of this is possible without you.

Keep reading for a complete list of our nominations.

BEST SEASON God Save Gertrude, Oedipus el Rey, The Twentieth-Century Way, The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder*

PRODUCTION OF A PLAY (Intimate Theatre) Oedipus el Rey

PLAYWRITING FOR AN ORIGINAL PLAY Luis Alfaro, Oedipus el Rey; Tom Jacobson, The Twentieth-Century Way

DIRECTOR OF A PLAY Jon Lawrence Rivera, Oedipus el Rey; Michael Michetti, The Twentieth-Century Way (Michael Michetti was also nominated for Director of a Musical, Carousel with Reprise)

LEAD ACTOR IN A PLAY Justin Huen, Oedipus el Rey; Will Bradley & Robert Mammana, The Twentieth-Century Way

LIGHTING DESIGN (Intimate Theatre) Steven Young, God Save Gertrude; Jeremy Pivnick, Oedipus el Rey; Elizabeth Harper, The Twentieth-Century Way; Brian Sidney Bembridge, The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder (All 4 of our eligible productions received a nomination in this category.)

SCENIC DESIGN Susan Gratch, God Save Gertrude; John Binkley, Oedipus el Rey; Brian Sidney Bembridge, The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder

SOUND DESIGN (Intimate Theatre) Rob Oriol, Oedipus el Rey


*The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder was a co-production with Circle X Theatre Co.  We share the nomination with them and couldn’t be more proud to do so.

Click here to read the complete list of nominees in every category.


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