Till Human Voices Wake Us – My (Incoherent) Thoughts on “Camino Real” at Boston Court

The greatest thing about the internet is it’s ability to level the playing field.  Anybody who has something to say can say it, publicly, and doesn’t need to rely on the approval of others to speak.

One of the results of an open internet is the extraordinary number of blogs that exist.  Our friend Elisa, or as she’s know on Twitter, @lilylemony, writes one as well.  We met her last year during the run of Oedipus el Rey and she occasionally shares her thoughts on her blog.

Here’s a bit of what she had to say about Camino Real:

This is one of these plays you really can’t explain easily. Is it about the human condition? Life and death? The psyche? Insanity? Sanity? God? The rich and the poor? All of the above? It’s all up to one’s own personal take, so a review is almost pointless. A lot of people don’t like this play (one woman I spoke with today told me her friend walked out of an earlier performance at intermission), which makes me wonder whether it’s because they can’t admit how close to home it is for them.

She always has interesting thoughts and insights into our work.  Click here to read her entire entry on Camino Real.


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