The Best Dorm On Campus

by Sara Israel

One of the many ways The Theatre @ Boston Court is really rad is that when they hired me to contribute posts to their blog, they never asked that me to limit my conversations to directly relate to them.  In fact, quite the opposite:  They encouraged me to cast my net very wide.

The Theatre @ Boston Court is like an elite college.  They have worked really hard and really well to know who they are, and they achieve their “know” with excellence.  So they can afford to be generous with their community, and they also understand the added value that this generosity creates.

But today I’m gonna be that freshman dork who wears her college’s t-shirt, hoodie and baseball cap all at once.  Because this past Thursday, I attended The Theatre @ Boston Court’s LiveWired night, and I have to share the fact that it’s the best dorm lounge party on campus.

LiveWired happens one Thursday for every production.  See the play (at a price even affordable for a college student), and afterwards hang out in Boston Court’s lobby—well appointed with tables, benches, etc.—to drink soda and beer, and eat pizza off of paper plates.  (You could honestly get a contact high just off the delicious smell of the pizza grease.)

This past Thursday’s LiveWired celebrated How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found.  Dorm lounge parties always start off a bit apprehensively.  Everyone scopes the lay of the land, takes the temperature of the room.  But just like Freshman Week anxiety, those moments quickly pass, especially as gently guided by the best R.A. around:  Boston Court’s infinitely affable Brian Polak.  Soon, you relax enough to begin to notice familiar faces. . . Isn’t that the intriguing guy from your lecture class?  (A.k.a., an actor from director Nancy Keystone’s last play?)   And isn’t that the kid you always see getting fro yo?  (A.k.a., a sound designer you once met with?)  And—hey!—there’s that fun girl who rides across the green on a unicycle!  (A.k.a., the producer you’ve always admired!)

Soon after that, the cool upperclassmen even show up!  The (terrific) actors in How To Disappear all joined in the fun, pizza slice in one hand, bottle of beer in the other, decompressing after their performance.

And just like those dorm lounge parties, you never know who you’ll meet and what will transpire.  Somehow, I entered into a conversation with a studio artist that revealed he used to moonlight as a handwriting expert.  My friend, Grace Eboigbe (who I really did go to college with!), convinced him to analyze her penmanship.  It struck me that his analysis days sort of represented a “bleak period” of his life.  He was reticent to return there, but Grace is adorably persuasive; I could’ve told him from the start that he didn’t stand a chance.  Grace’s handwriting tells us that she’s energetic and fun—Hooray!

(p.s. Handwriting Guy, if you’re reading this:  I’d like mine analyzed too.  I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to bully you.  I’m not as capable of being as benign and cute about it as Grace is.  But I hand-wrote the message at the top of this post, so would you please tell me what you think?)

The best part about a LiveWired night at Boston Court is that you leave not only having seen a great production, and with beer, soda and pizza in your belly—but also with that lovely, comfortable notion that perhaps you really do belong.

I hope y’all come to the next LiveWired with me!  Call me, e-mail me, text me.  Or you can even leave a message on the dry erase board hanging on my dorm room door. [Editor’s Note, and by “Editor” I mean “Brian”: the next LiveWired is scheduled for Thursday, July 28th. You can buy tickets now and pay only $10 with code “LIVE.”]

Sara Israel is a writer and director living in Los Angeles.

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  1. cynthia comsky

    Love your Blog!


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