First Reading of “Heavier than…”

Yesterday, the entire cast and production team of Heavier than… descended on Boston Court for the first table reading of the play. After a long set of introductions, there were a series of great presentations from each of the production staff members. Scenic designer, Kurt Boetcher, discussed his playful set, while sound designer, Martin Carrillo explained the original score created for the play. Robert Prior then captivated us with his exquisite costume design drawings (details on the costumes to be shared in a few blog post.)

After this, playwright Steve Yockey and director Abigail Deser (pictured right)  discussed their visions for the play which includes some interesting, and quite intentional, anachronisms….and then it was time for the reading to begin!

Heavier than… (lower case “t” is intentional…as is the elipses…) has a cast of seven actors.

The characters are Asterius, the minotaur, Icarus, Asterius one and only friend, Pasiphae, Asterius’ mother and the Queen of Crete, Ariadne, Asterius’ sister and the Chorus of three blind women.

Nick Ballard quickly settled into his role as Asterius, the lonely Minotaur stuck in the inescapable labyrinth, while Casey Kringlen, playing the sexually excited Icarus, did the same. All the while, Jill Van Velzer prepared for her first lines as the graceful and refined Pasiphae, Aster’s mother and the Queen of Crete.

Ashanti Brown, Teya Patt, and Katie Locke O’Brien (pictured from left to right)  each play one of the chorus members that together create the one “woman” that follows Aster’s fate. They had no problem reading their often overlapping lines.

Then finally, we met Aster’s passionate (yet selfish) sister, Ariadne, played by Laura Howard, and watched as she tried her hardest to annoy Pasiphae.

Asterius and Icarus have an interesting relationship in this play.  We don’t want to give anything away so you’ll have to come see for yourself. Suffice to say, this is not how the Ancient Greeks imagined it.

So, look for more posts about Heavier than… soon! It will only continue to get more exciting as we get closer to opening night on July 23rd! Buy your tickets soon for the play that director Abigail Deser perfectly describes as “a marriage of the mythic, historic, and the contemporary!”


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