The Costume Designs for “Heavier than…”

By Emily Tugwell

As the days before opening night of Heavier than… quickly dwindle, the production comes closer to being ready for its audience. The actors have started to rehearse on the stage, lights have been hung and focused, rocks have been created and painted, and all other loose ends are steadily being tied up.

Various props continue to surface, but the final costumes for the show are still shrouded in mystery. So while we can only eagerly await to see what Robert Prior, the costume designer for Heavier than…, has created, we can admire his fantastic costume design drawings…


The main character and deadly Minotaur of the play has swirling tribal tattoos covering the majority of his body. His only clothing is a pair of tattered linen shorts. Also notice that in this modern take on a Minotaur’s physical appearance, Asterius does not the head of a bull, but rather that of a man, with large horns secured on his head.

Ariadne and Pasiphae

Asterius’ dear mother and sister have each have one costume change during the play. We first seen them in sophisticated, pastel day wear fit for a queen and princess. Later on, they are dressed for the annual festival in which soldiers attempt to kill Aster. Pasiphae’s gown contains a variety of rich blue hues while Ariadne’s dress has a light peach tone with silver accenting.









Asterius’ flying-obsessed friend changes his set of wings twice throughout the play. Icarus begins with grand, pristine white wings that curve toward the sun gracefully. When we see him next, he has just tumbled from the sky and wears ripped shorts and a larger, mangled set of wings. The final time he returns, Icarus dons a pair of huge, magnificent wings, far more complicated and intricate than the last. However, though beautiful, they are far from being finished and perfected.

The Chorus

These three blind women are Asterius’ companions that have been in the labyrinth with him since the very beginning. They each wear blindfolds and partially sheer white dresses. Though somewhat similar in costume and appearance because they together create one woman, each chorus member retains her own individual personality.

And that’s it! Those are all of Robert Prior’s amazing costume designs for our production of Heavier than… If you’re like me and want to see what the costumes actually look like in person, buy your tickets for Heavier than… soon. Previews for this world premiere play start on July 14th!


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