Culture Monster’s Top 25 to Follow on Twitter

By Emily Tugwell (@BoCoIntern)

A few days ago, The LA Times blog, Culture Monster, posted a list of their top 25 people and organizations to follow on Twitter, separated into the categories of Art, Architecture, Classical Music & Opera, Dance, Jazz and Theater.

AND included on the list was Boston Court’s very own Twitter, which was even referred to as “one of the livelier tweets on the block.” Finally, Brian Polak (T@BC’s Marketing/Communications Manager) has been recognized by the outside world for the sarcasm and wit that everyone at BC has known for a long time. Speaking of wit, Michael Seel (BC’s Executive Director) was mentioned for his Twitter’s “personal (and witty) tone.” This list, of course, made everyone at Boston Court quite happy. And we’re all still quite thrilled at that fact that we (well rather Brian and Michael) were mentioned by the LA Times.

On closer inspection though, I (meaning me personally) find a few problems with the list that Culture Monster created…. One commenter noticed that the list does not include the category of Film, which I definitely think should be one of the categories. But that’s not my real issue with the article. I find it strange that the list includes so few lesser-known arts organizations and people involved with the arts. That’s one of the things I love most about Twitter! You can find so many different and quirky people/organizations by just digging a little, paying attention to Follow Friday, or perhaps by random chance. The way I see it, famous institutions and people will continue to generate followers whether or not they are mentioned by the LA Times. I’m not trying to say that I don’t approve of their choices, but it would be nice to see a few smaller “names” mentioned. I also find it a little odd that so few of their choices are local (e.g. Los Angeles) arts organizations/people. True, Twitter does potentially connect one with people from all over the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t represent LA! Quite a few people tweet here too, ya know.

Now, before I leave you, a few of my own recommendations to add to the list:

Gedaly Guberek (@Gedaly): I’m led to believe this California native is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only is he the Managing Director at Coeurage Theatre Company, but also an Actor, Director, Social Media Expert….and a clown, which is amazing. He tweets about a varying range of subjects, usually related to theater, and he’s always up for a conversation!

Vromans (@vromans): Now this is a true Pasadena staple for all things literary. Vromans is the oldest independent bookstore in the area with a mind-blowing huge selection to choose from! If you haven’t ever been there, GO. Follow them on Twitter to keep up with all of their various events, including author book signings, which happen almost every day of the week!

Hipster Mermaid (@HipsterMermaid): The name says it all. This is the mythical sea creature to follow if you want an insight into what real hipsters probably say on a daily basis. Expect tweets like: “There was probably a cheaper way to become this jaded and bitter than four years of private art school.” Priceless.


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