The Introspective Intern: Opening Night, Near-Death on Roller Skates, and A Little Bit of Freakin’ Out

By Emily Tugwell

First off, let me start with an apology. I’m sorry for disappearing of the face of the internet-blogging world for about two weeks. That was not cool.

A few weeks ago, there really wasn’t that much to write about – unless anyone was interested in reading about “My Adventures in Rock Making: Part Deux.” If you’re one of those people, I apologize doubly and offer you a rock from the set after the production is over in order to make it up to you.* After that first week, I think I just got a little lazy and had trouble getting into the swing of things again. I also think it was my way of trying to pretend that my internship isn’t almost over. I mean if I don’t say it out loud or write about it, then it’s just not going to happen right….ah wishful thinking.

But it’s true. In less than two weeks, I’ll be leaving Boston Court and in about five weeks I’ll be on a plane to New York City to start my sophomore year of college. And there are so many things that I have yet to do…. Find a fall internship. Go visit a long list of places in LA. Pay my tuition bill (I will hold onto my hard-earned $467 until the very last minute). Buy textbooks ($190 Spanish Book yay!). I’m starting to freak out a little now, but I know you guys aren’t interested in my whining…so I’ll save the rest of it for next week’s (a.k.a. MY FINAL) post.

Anyways, I spent the majority of last Friday prepping the stage for opening night. Meaning that James and I basically wandered the stage with exacto knives and fishing wire looking for any unsecured rocks. And there were quite a few of them. Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if on opening night, at a really dramatic/theatrical moment of the play, a paper rock lands on the stage with a dull thud that only a fake rock can make. I just couldn’t let that happen. And one day later, I was back at the theater and ready to see the show… except this time I was dressed up, 4 inch wedges and all. Honestly, I was really excited to see the show. I couldn’t wait to see the final production, polished and ready for its audience. That just can’t compare to seeing little snippets of rehearsals and only reading the first draft of the script. But I’m definitely glad I kept myself in the dark over the course of my internship when it came to the play’s development. It made the play seem more unfamiliar and exciting. And a side note, I was so proud to see all of my rocks on stage. I pointed out each one to my boyfriend during the play (just imagine…).

After all the excitement of opening night, it was back to the daily grind on Monday, where we had our final LACAC Learning Community meeting. Actresses Chase McKenna and Deborah Puette discussed auditioning with us, which was really interesting to learn about. And before I knew it, the meeting was over. The realization that my internship is almost over really started to kick in then and it’s overwhelming as I write about it right now.

Oh, and to top it all off….today is Meg’s (our Events Manager) last day at BC before she moves back to Philadelphia. I wish her the best of luck back in Philly, but I just wish goodbyes didn’t have to be so sad. On Monday night we actually went roller skating at the Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink for a final hurrah. Which is strange because I used to go there for birthday parties when I was eight….and I was just as awful then as I am now. Though come to think of it, I didn’t cling to the soft red velvety wall quite as much. It was really pretty terrifying, especially when experience skaters would glide past me backwards at 40 miles per hour. (James even had to save me at one point.) And today, the cupcakes spelling out “We’ll Miss You, Meg!” really made the whole thing official (and delicious)….

AND now I think I’m done for the day everyone. I want to spend a little time with Meg before she leaves…. It’s pretty fun watching her curse repeatedly because she has way too much stuff left here to pack. She also keeps trying to give me things I don’t want. And yes, I know I probably haven’t said anything extremely interesting or relevant, but that’s me and that’s life.


* Emily cannot keep this promise whatsoever. You’re welcome to come to BC and ask for a rock after the production ends but that doesn’t mean you’ll get one. I’m sorry to dash your hopes and dreams. I’m an awful person.


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