From the Artistic Directors…

(The following letter appears in the program for The Dinosaur Within, on our Main Stage now through November 6, 2011)

Dear Theatre Lovers,

We’re so glad you’ve joined us for the final play of our eighth season. And it seems strangely relevant that The Dinosaur Within, which talks about the nature of adaptation and change as a means of survival, leads us into our ninth season. Season 2012 offers four world premiere productions all asking very important questions about humanity, change, and the crazy world we live in. We have chosen this year to collaborate with many like-minded artists we love to tell these stories, both to continue to expand our horizons, and to create an even greater synergy for an extraordinary season of artistic excellence.

In the Winter, we are pleased to collaborate with the terrific founders of Theatre Movement Bazaar, Tina Kronis and Richard Alger, to bring you the world premiere of The Treatment, an adaptation of Chekhov’s story, Ward 6. Conceived by Kronis + Alger, the work theatricalizes this searing Chekhov piece using an extraordinary blend of their signature movement style, text and music as the jumping off point for an exploration of sanity and insanity and the absurd systems we have in place to define them.

In the Spring, it is our joy to bring you Michael Elyanow’s world premiere play, The Children, directed by Co-Artistic Director Jessica Kubzansky. A contemporary riff on Medea (really from the point of view of her children), the play is rich with layers that blend the ancient and the modern into a stunning, wildly theatrical investigation of childhood horror and survival. Is it possible to transcend terrible early events and go on to have a good life?

In the Summer, we are delighted to team once again with our friends at Furious Yheatre Company, with whom we last co-produced The Pain and the Itch. We now come together to offer Oded Gross’s world premiere adaptation of Gogol’s The Government Inspector, directed by Stefan Novinski, who directed Medea in our second season. It seems the corruption of elected officials never goes out of style, and this classic satire has a fresh new adaptation to ask the age-old questions about power, perception, and profiteering for a screamingly funny, deliciously painful comic event.

In the Fall, we are excited to bring you the world premiere of Kathryn Walat’s Creation, directed by Co-Artistic Director Michael Michetti. Creation asks whether or not a couple can survive a profound, near-death experience and go on unscathed. With lovely, lyric prose, Kathryn really explores the origin of creativity, and whether it is always divinely inspired, or comes from darker places.

As this world continues to tilt crazily on its axis, it seems more important than ever to share these profound questions with you, our adventurous fellow seekers, who willingly come on the journey with us. We trust you will find it as moving, passionate, and surprising as we do.

As ever, we hope you enjoy the ride!

Jessica Kubzansky & Michael Michetti, C0-Artistic Directors, The Theatre @ Boston Court


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