PLAY/ground Interview: Sheila Callaghan

We asked each of our PLAY/ground playwrights to answer one question pertaining to their play. Here’s what they had to say…

Sheila Callaghan author of Everything You Touch

Q. This work deals significantly with perspectives on body image and beauty. What was your particular access point for these topics?

A. Fashion has been of particular interest for me since giving birth to my son.  Suddenly I found myself struggling with this entire new idea of self that had little to do with my previous identity, and so the desire to find a new way of describing myself physically that encompassed this role became a preoccupation for me. Also, the immediate change in my body after giving birth put several categories of clothing completely off-limits, which made me obsess over them even more.  Consequently, I became consumed with the manner in which women attempt to define themselves by what they wear, how they eat, and what they choose to project of themselves into the world.

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