LA Stage Times: Let’s Talk About Talkbacks

Playwright, Larry Pontius, interview Boston Court’s Literary Managers, Aaron Henne and Emilie Beck, as well as Marketing Manager, Brian Polak, as part of an article on post-show discussions.  It’s an interesting read and a subject which interests us.  We offer both pre-show and post-show discussions we call “Illuminations” and encourage you to attend.  Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of upcoming Illuminations.

Larry’s article begins:

Applause dies. The lights come up. The show is over. And then, there’s the choice. To stay or not for the talkback? For many, there is very little debate. It’s choose the car, maybe go have a drink, and then head home. Others stay, hoping that this is the talkback they have always wanted, something that will illuminate the show they have just seen.

For theater companies, the talkback is an opportunity to engage with an audience. To find out directly what they thought of the show, what material resonated with the audience. But often they just field comments like, “I couldn’t hear that woman when she turned her back,” as heard at a recent talkback. And that can be frustrating for the theater company.

Click here to read the entire article.


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