The Intern Saga Episode 1: And So it Begins

@ the intern

Me. Hiding behind the @ sign. I have a real face, I swear.

And so it begins that I sit down to write the first, of what will be many, of the notorious intern blog entries! My name is Kelsey Carthew, and I’m the T@BC  2012 Summer Intern. Before diving into the T@BC blogging world completely, I thought I’d introduce myself so that I don’t come across as just text on a computer screen, but rather that I’m there with you in person, sharing what is going on this summer at Boston Court, and discussing deep things like theatre, art, Doctor Who, and life in general. So, because I love lists, below is a list of 10 things that I think most accurately sum up who I am as an artist and a person. Here goes!

Number 1: My name.

My name is Kelsey, and I’ve had a lot of people try to call me Chelsea because that works better for them. It’s not Chelsea. I don’t understand. Chelsea is an English name  means “Port of ships” whereas Kelsey is a Celtic name meaning “Island of the ships”. Completely different… yeah…

Number 2: I may or may not be one of the biggest geeks that you will ever meet in your life (even if via the internet).

Oh boy am I a geek. I am pretty much in love with (almost) everything that screams geek; Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars, Sherlock, Merlin… the list goes on. There’s a certain magic that comes with belonging to a fandom that I wouldn’t trade for most things, and it’s the same excitement about this art that I recognize from doing theatre.

Number 3: I am an actor.

I’m majoring in acting at college, and I’m so excited for the life ahead of me. At the bright-eyed age of 19, I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ll probably get more into this topic in other blog entries, in relating this to why I do theatre, why theatre is so important to society, etc., so I’ll end with that for this intro.

Number 4: I am not-so-secretly obsessed with soundtrack music.

It’s perfect music. John Williams is a genius. Alexandre Desplat is a genius. Hans Zimmer is a genius. Hat’s off to any soundtrack composer; you guys have a gift.

Number 5: All my friends say I will grow up to be a crazy cat lady.

I’m obsessed with cats, they’re the cutest things in the entire world!! I mean, dogs are great too, but winning a cat’s love and trust is one of the biggest wins ever.

Number 6: I am a huge film buff.

‘The Godfather’ is the best movie of all time. Hands down. I would love to have a (classy and not too heated) debate with people if they think differently. ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, and ‘Finding Neverland’ are pretty spectacular too. I’d definitely put all of them in my top 10.

Number 7: My childhood dream was to be a spy.

Or a vet. Or an author. Or a wizard (but really). Or a princess (still dreaming).

Number 8: I dig a good jigsaw puzzle.

Nothing like a good jigsaw to keep the mind entertained.

Number 9: My favorite play is M. Butterfly by David Henry Hwang.

I first read M. Butterfly in my junior year of high school, and was expecting to hate it (because I didn’t like most anything that my high school made me read *shudders at the thought of The Handmaid’s Tale and Jane Eyre*). But I read this play, and I ended up loving it. The more and more we talked about it in class, the more and more I became overwhelmed by the sheer genius of it: the parasitic relationship of Song and Gallimard, how the narration of the play reflects the action of the play, the imagery, the culture clashes, the gender clashes, defining love, loyalty, and examining the destruction of one man’s life and career. It’s absolute genius, and every time I read the play, I fall in love with it again. I wish I could see a live production of it, it might just be too awesome for words.

Number 10: “Jeopardy!” is a nightly tradition in the Carthew household.

It is the tournament of tournaments. 7:00PM every night except Sunday.

So that’s me! I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you throughout this summer! I’ll  probably also post a little question at the end to open up discussion in the comments if you are interested in sharing your thoughts too! But since today is more of an introduction than thought, I’ll skip on the question and instead if you want to comment with your top plays, musicals, films, or productions seen, go ahead and do so!

Until next time!

~Kelsey; Consulting Detective/ Intern


One response to “The Intern Saga Episode 1: And So it Begins

  1. Love it, Kelsey. Speaking of favorite plays, did you read Angels in America your senior year? If not you must must must. The HBO miniseries of it is really good too. So glad you’re carrying on the proud tradition of intern blogging!


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