Meet the Staff: Michael Michetti

by Kelsey Carthew

Over the course of my summer here, I have been getting to know the amazing staff here at Boston Court, and I figured that you lovely readers should get a chance to read some tidbits the staff shared with me. I have asked them all a few questions about themselves and their time here at Boston Court, and their responses will be posted by person.

For this entry, we have Michael Michetti!

Michael Michetti; Co-Artistic Director, Theatre @ Boston Court

1. What has been your favorite show to work on or see here at Boston Court? Why?

MM: Wow. So difficult, since they’re all my children. If forced to pick I’d say “A Picture of Dorian Gray.” I adapted and directed this play, and it was a true labor of love. I had been working on the adaptation (on and off, of course) for over twelve years by the time we produced it at Boston Court. It was a story that was meaningful to me, a production I was extremely proud of, and a joyous collaboration with a brilliant cast and team of designers. One of the joys of being an Artistic Director at Boston Court is the opportunity to bring some of my passion projects to the stage, and “Dorian Gray” was certainly one of those.

2. If you were to choose a playwright to write a play about your life, who would you choose and why?

MM: Either Tom Stoppard because he’d make me seem smarter and deeper than I am, or Tony Kushner because he’d make my life sound poetic and epic.

3. Tell me a funny story about something that happened here at Boston Court.

MM: Concerned that our annual “Secret Santa” gift exchange was politically incorrect (alienating those of non-Christian faiths and the faithless), several years ago we renamed it the “Secret Tranny Sasquatch (with one purple shoe)” gift exchange. The reasoning behind the name is probably not as funny in the retelling as it was at the time, but the mascot for the exchange was in fact a Sasquatch (you know, Bigfoot) who is a Tranny. One year I drew the name of Brett Webster, one of our literary managers at the time. Brett was the proud father of a new baby named Finn, so I decided I would makea stuffed “Tranny Sasquatch” which Brett could employ as a baby sitter for Finn. We all got some good laughs over it at the gift exchange, but none so funny as when we received this picture of Finn with Tranny. It still makes me giggle, and I’ve encouraged Brett to sock away some money for Finn’s therapy when the traumatic memories resurface.



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