A letter from two of our patrons…

Holmes picI remember the day I fell in love with live theatre. Thirty years ago, Sylvia and I saw an unfamiliar play in a small, non-descript theatre with not (yet) famous actors. The play was called Sus (short for “suspect”.)  I had seen plays before, but Sus blew my mind and my soul. It was so challenging and deeply, deeply moving. The writing was brilliant, the acting was stunningly good, and it was such an intimate and personal experience.

Sylvia and I were then hooked on live, intimate theatre.  Fast forward twenty years and Boston Court launched its first play. We fell in love with Boston Court because we found:

  • Challenge: Whether the play’s a comedy, a drama or both, very smart and very talented writers, directors and actors will challenge you with interesting ideas.
  • Intimacy: You’re close enough to see the actors sweat, and be deeply moved. A small theatre combines the passion and intimacy of live theatre with nuanced “less is more” acting, precisely because the actors don’t have to exaggerate or yell to reach the back rows of a large theatre.
  • Quality: The quality of Boston Court plays is remarkable.  We’ve seen many extraordinary (and award-winning) plays, plays by brilliant playwrights with stunningly good acting.
  • People: It’s fun and educational to listen to the playwrights, directors or actors talk about theatre during the numerous post-performance “talk-to-the-artists” events that Boston Court hosts during each play’s run.
  • Discovery: Imagine being in the audience at the unveiling of a great new work of art, feeling like you were in on a special secret. Many if not most of Boston Court’s productions are new works, often world or west coast premieres.  You’ll be among the first to see very special brand-new plays or re-imagined classics.
  • Ambiance: The building itself is a shrine to live theatre, with state-of-the-art everything.
  • Convenience: Boston court is in a great location in a great city, and even has its own parking lot.
  • Thoughtfulness: seven stalls in the women’s room!  (Imagine–no lines at intermission!)

Share our special secret with us.  Make a donation today in support of the theatre we love.  We hope to see you leaning in, sitting on the edge of your seat at a Boston Court play soon.

Pat & Sylvia Holmes



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