From the bottom of my heart…

eileenIn 1999, when Clark Branson asked me to help him realize his dream of building an arts center, I was pretty blown  away. He knew my work as an actress and producer and he knew my lifelong passion was the theatre. Overseeing the design and construction of Clark’s vision was a challenging and thrilling new kind of production. Who knew? It was a five-year journey before we even opened our doors, but nothing compares to the incredible nine-year journey we have been on…

I think it’s amazing that we were given the opportunity to build a first class venue that is intimate and comfortable for both artist and audience. It’s amazing we were given the opportunity to create a non-profit arts center that can take risks with its art. It’s amazing we actually have the ability to give a new play and the artists that are working on it the support and collaboration it requires. It’s amazing we can curate art in the lobby that speaks to the themes of the current play. It’s amazing we can hear a piece of music in the Branson that we might not be able to hear played anywhere else locally.

I believe that art is an essential component of a life well-lived, especially art that provokes thought and conversation. The collective experience of live theatre, live music, live viewing of fine art is unlike any other. That’s why I’ve devoted my entire life to it.  Believe me, we have a lot more art to explore together.

So here I am, asking you to support my beloved Boston Court. If you have already given this year, thank you. If you haven’t, or feel inspired to give more, please give as much as you can afford.

Thank you from the bottom of my theatrical heart!

Eileen T’Kaye, Founding Producing Director



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