My artistic home…

rizzorealMany years ago, when Eileen T’Kaye called and asked me to come join the team at Boston Court, I had to turn her down because I was deep in a TV development career. I had just begun that path and I felt the need to let it play out.  Five years later, Eileen called again and said “OK…how about now?”  By that point, the television career felt more like a weight I was carrying around.  I sorely missed being part of a team working together to produce smart and insightful art.

So I jumped at the chance to return to my first true love: the theatre.  For the next three years I toiled beside Michael Seel, Michael Michetti and Jessica Kubzansky among many other wonderful people.  They started this extraordinary place and welcomed me with open arms and I dove right in.  One of my first tasks as Managing Director was to scrape fat off the stoves we were using as set pieces in our 2005 production of Medea.  A glamorous job, right?  But it felt wonderful to be back in the theater and connected to art.  I felt whole again.

Since then, my love affair with Boston Court has both endured and grown.  When my son was born in 2007 I had to take some time away, but I kept myself connected by working as the Company Manager because it was difficult for me to NOT be a tangible part of Boston Court.  Luckily our team valued our connection enough to move things around to make that possible, and when it was clear that my son was ready for me to return to work full time, my Boston Court family was happy to welcome me back as Production Manager.  What I said then is what I say now: This is my artistic home and there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

I passionately believe in the work that we do and have given many days of my life to supporting it.  Last year, my husband and I committed to donating $500 a year.  I know not everyone can give that much but it’s the level that feels good to me.  Boston Court has given me so much artistic joy and such familial belonging, it is the least I can do.  Thank you for passionately supporting us and considering a donation at the level that feels good to you. 

Cheryl Rizzo, Production Manager



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