A Summer of Play: “I Volunteer as Intern!”

GraceEmilyHello there, Boston Courtiers,

Grace and Emily here, your interns for the summer! We would like to introduce ourselves, so we interviewed each other for your entertainment. These interview were conducted independently, so any similarities or crossover is purely coincidental (i.e. elephants). Enjoy!

Grace’s Interview!

What is your fondest childhood memory?

Sadly, my fondest memory seems a bit dark, but I assure you, it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. In pre-school, I had a boyfriend named Kurt (yes, I know, I was quite the player). He was enamored with Batman and wanted to be him. So, whenever we were out on the playground, he brought his cape with him and took on the persona of Batman in his own Gotham City. I, of course, had to be his Catwoman. We fought crime against the other children who were dirtying up the tire swings, which required that we push them off. The kids who rode their tricycles outside of the lines had to have been told on. In short, instead of protecting Gotham City, we actually terrorized the playground of ‘Parents and Children Preschool’. Although we were a bit crazy, who doesn’t love two kids running around the playground in capes?

How did you find yourself at the Theatre@Boston Court?

I found myself @ Boston Court because my TA at USC, where I study theatre, ended up being Mr. Brian James Polak. I ‘m really interested in backstage work as well as marketing and production. Well, I get to explore all of the categories of theatre that interest me by working with Brian on marketing, with Cheryl on Production, and by working as Assistant Stage Manager for Alcestis! So many responsibilities! But, I’m very excited to take these responsibilities on. I’ve got this.

If you could go on a safari with an animal and a notable person (dead or alive), what and who would you choose?

Elephant. David Fincher. Some background for my choices: Elephants are probably my favorite animal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m just in awe of how big they are. They are HUGE. For some reason I just see them as incredibly majestic creatures. They are also supposed to provide good luck. I have elephants on my rings, my purse, my clothing, they’re everywhere. Now how does David Fincher play into this? The plan unfolds as so: David Fincher is hands down my favorite screenwriter. Two of my favorite movies are The Social Network and Fight Club, both directed by him. The way he directs is so quick and sharp, and yet manages to be intricate enough to be thought-provoking. His movies must be watched more than once to fully get the taste of what they are. Now, the mixture of David Fincher and an Elephant on a safari would probably provoke some sort of artistic reaction from David Fincher. And with the luck of the elephant, my hope would be that I would witness the intellectual creation of one of his movies! Dream big.

What is one place in the world you would like to visit and why?

One place I’d love to go at some point in my life is Greece. Yes, partly because it would currently be a pretty cheap trip, but mostly because I’m half Greek and I don’t actually know much about my own culture. The only relatively Greek thing I do is go to the Greek festival at the Santa Anita Racetrack every year. If I were to go to Greece, I’d want to learn more of the language, and maybe even get a bit of recent and ancient history of the country.

What is your favorite play either read or seen, and how did you come in contact with it?

I absolutely love M. Butterfly. My junior year of high school, we read this play by David Henry Hwang, and I fell in love with every aspect of it. I loved the themes of power and sexuality. I loved the fact that it involved gender bending on stage (I went to an all girls’ high school, so I played many a men and I love when gender bending occurs in plays). I loved the twist in the plot, and I LOVED that it was inspired by an opera and incorporated paraphrased scenes from the opera itself, Madame Butterfly. It’s all around a beautifully sculpted play, and I want so badly to see it live! As wonderful as the text is (and even the movie), it would be even better to see it come to life on the stage.

Emily’s Interview!

Where are you from and what’s your background in theatre?

I am from this really small town called Los Angeles, maybe you’ve heard of it? I grew up as a city girl surrounded by the arts, and I caught the theatre bug when I was in middle school.  I started as an actor and dancer, performing all through high school and college. When I arrived at Occidental College, studying Theatre and History, I started to take primary interest in production. I have worked as a production assistant, prop master, student producer, and assistant stage manager as well as a playwright.  This all made me hungry for more, leading me to Boston Court.

What are you going to be doing @ Boston Court this summer?

I am one of the producing interns here at BC! I will shadow the wonderful people here to learn the day-to-day struggles of marketing and production for the theatre.  This will include planning community outreach events, and working on Alcestis. I will also help manage the social media outlets as well as this blog.

What is your spirit animal?

I love elephants! I think they are just the greatest animals. They’re matriarchal, and have incredible memories. They can be separated from a friend for decades and remember them when they are reunited. Plus, if I had a trunk like that I’d spend all of my time in the water spraying unsuspecting victims.

What is your favorite play, and why?

I love Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth.  It’s a wonderful story about the persistence of the human spirit despite threats to humanity like war and natural disasters. The play follows a mother, father, two kids and their maid as they battle the cyclical nature of humanity.  The role of Mrs. Antrobus is the most powerful for me.  She’s a woman who will sacrifice anything to protect her husband and children, even her own pride.  She captures the spirit of anyone who has had to forgo his or her dreams for a loved one, or anyone who has been taken for granted.  This might sound very dramatic but there are some funny moments as well.  It combines the conventional and surreal making it familiar and jarring all at the same time.

What is the most recent “adventure” you’ve been on, and what did you do on said adventure?

I tend to appreciate the simple things in life. Nothing makes you do this more than watching a small child discover what you find normal. My nephew just started walking a couple months ago and he’s just getting comfortable exploring (he can be quite the dare devil).  I had the best time watching him climb up stairs and touch all the different plants. At one point he discovered mud and while getting most of it all over his clothes, he excitedly gave me mud offerings.  The twinkle in his eyes was priceless.

We look forward to getting to know you! ‘Till next time.

Play differently.


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