I Volunteer as Intern! Week 3 Update

EmilyBy Emily Abbott

Hey there, Boston Courtiers!

I have now been @ Boston Court for almost 3 weeks, and I am having a blast. As a theatre student, it’s interesting to feel yourself using the knowledge you’ve acquired while in school in a practical way.  I can only describe it as the growing hope that maybe I can be a functioning adult in the near future.  That’s a good feeling! And everyone here is so willing to teach and answer any questions that I might have.

To give a little context to the rest of the post I thought I’d provide some background on myself. I am theatre and history double major at Occidental College about to start my senior year.  I have experience in production and stage management as well as prop design, scene painting and a little playwriting.  These skills are helping me do my job here but there are a lot of things that I am learning along the way. I spend time doing research and talking to the people I am working with.  Everything I am doing here is relevant, good theatre work, but much of it is new for me.

The biggest adjustment for me is thinking about theatre from a business and marketing perspective. Having never worked in a professional theatre, this is the first time where I am required to think about theatre in a grounded, business-like way. Now I am thinking about the audience growth over time, how to reach the most people possible, or what is the most interesting way to market a show?  Having the history background that I do, I enjoy researching and learning about how other theatres do things, and how that can inspire us to improve our ways of doing things here.

This week also presents another interesting change for me. I am not directly involved with Alcestis in the ways I am use to being involved.  Of course I am emotionally invested in it, but in a completely different way. I am here during the day writing about the show, working on the program and doing social media things while others are working at night.  I am not an assistant stage manager this time, like Grace.  Any blogging on the backstage experience will have to come from her.  I am use to the tech/dress week being incredibly stressful and arduous, but here I am going to bed on time! This is so strange!

That being said, everyone is working so hard to make this show great. It is satisfying to know that I have helped the show in the mechanisms that I have.  The theatre is a passionate business, and the people working in the show in all capacities are all so passionate.

Keep an eye out for more behind the scenes blog posts from Grace!

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