PLAY/ground micro-interview with Eric Coble

Eric Coble 8x8 RGBBoston Court: “My Barking Dog” asks some big questions about the ways in which we live in this world and our complex relationship to nature, largely through the depiction of an animal that many of us in Southern California encounter regularly: the coyote. What was the jumping off point for this particular treatment of those questions.

Eric: I wanted to explore what would happen when two desperately lonely people encountered an utterly profound and incomprehensible mystery.  What if something deeply deeply wild just walked onto the back stoop of their apartments?  What if it reached out to each of them in very different ways and they had to deal with that?  Those were my starting points, then I just wrote scenes and moments and let Melinda and Toby react and proact in their new world.  And the ultimate shape of what happened to them was startling.  And while it makes sense to me, it’s still a little terrifying and awe-inspiring.  Like a coyote standing five feet away from you on your back porch.



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