From The Theatre @ Boston Court’s Artistic Directors

As our tenth season draws to a close, we are writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for the ridiculously rewarding endeavor that has been the journey of The Theatre @ Boston Court thus far.

We feel so blessed. From the moment this building was a gleam in the eye of Clark Branson, and the collective creators an idea in the mind of Eileen T’Kaye, it has been such a pleasure and a gift to create this grand adventure with you, our wondrous and intrepid audience.

Really truly, from the moment we brainstormed what the vision for the theatre could be to now, ten years later, when we still walk down the halls giggling, saying, “Really? Really?!”

In those early years we were a small but mighty band – Eileen T’Kaye, Michael Seel, Michetti, and Kubzansky–running on the log to stand up, doing plays no one had ever heard of, often to tiny houses. But here we are, at the completion of our 10th Anniversary Season, with a track record and plenty of awards and accolades, but most importantly, with loyal and adventurous audiences who know they’re unlikely to know what the play is they’re about to see, but who are willing and eager to go on the ride.

And what a tenthseason it was. From David Wiener’s achingly beautiful, highly poetic Cassiopeia, to Dan Dietz’s viciously funny post-American-Revolution-serial-killer-play-with-Rockabilly-music, American Misfit, to our co-pro with Nancy Keystone and Critical Mass of Alcestis, which highly physicalized and made both modern and universal a meditation on sacrifice in marriage and the rituals of death, to Jessica’s three-person adaptation of Richard II, RII, in which three stunning actors investigated Shakespeare’s text as the ultimate identity crisis… This season feels emblematic of The Theatre @ Boston Court, and the trajectory we hope to continue.

And we’ve had some very important milestones in this, our tenth year. Several of our productions have made Critics’ Ten Best lists for 2013. We were given a grant by the American Theatre Wing, the folks who award the Tonys, in recognition of Boston Court as an emerging player in the national theatrical landscape. And we recently received an NEA grant in support of the first phases of an ambitious New Works Development program, which we’ve created with our brilliant co literary managers, Emilie Beck and Aaron Henne, and we see this grant as a significant honor and milestone toward being able to realize the next phases of this exciting program. 

But the most important thing we want to share with you as 2013 draws to a close is purely, gratitude. Gratitude because we’re sharing this ride with YOU, the people who are also passionate about the experience we’re creating together, who are with us in the lobby, at late night salons, at illuminations panels, in passionate discussions, engaging the cultural conversation, asking rich questions in passionate, adventurous ways. That’s the reason we feel energized to keep doing what we’re doing, to continue to challenge ourselves and you, to keep creating a unique experience that we can have nowhere else but at Boston Court, together.

This is what we feel so blessed to share with you. Thank you.

Yours with gratitude, 

Jessica Kubzansky and Michael Michetti

Artistic Directors, The Theatre @ Boston Court


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