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From the Vehicle of… Tracy Eliott

by Sara Israel When you meet Tracy Eliott, you immediately have this hunch that this first time isn’t the last time you’ll hear from her or see her.  She radiates the talented confidence of an actress who gets things done. … Continue reading

From the Desk of… Richard Martin Hirsch

By Sara Israel Richard Martin Hirsch is one of the most wonderfully visible playwrights we have here in Los Angeles.  First, he is a very skilled and prolific writer of well-produced work.  Second—and just as important for the L.A. theater … Continue reading

From the Desk of… Ella Martin

By Sara Israel Ella Martin is one of those women who I describe as “elegantly intelligent.”  By this I mean that she doesn’t Ethel Merman-broadcast her knowledge and wits, but nor is she remotely a wallflower.  She just is as … Continue reading

From the Desk of… Jennie Webb

By Sara Israel I am very fond of Jennie Webb because she is an infinitely positive realist.  Whether it’s overseeing the puzzle pieces as The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum’s Playwrights’ Development Director, or corralling playwrights and theater companies for the … Continue reading

From the Vehicle of… Rick Steadman

By Sara Israel I love casting.  I love the thrill of the hunt, and the even better thrill of the find.  Whether casting something I’ve written or something I’m directing, I am conscientious about keeping an open mind—the better for … Continue reading

From the Desk of… Michael Albanese

By Sara Israel I first heard about Michael Albanese when Michael’s wife, the terrific Wynn Everett, told me how terrific her husband is.  And that his plays are also terrific. Now look, I was really glad that Wynn thought so … Continue reading

From the Vehicle of… Ron Morehouse

By Sara Israel After recently directing Ron Morehouse in a play where his role was an early 1900s pretentious art critic, a gentle antagonist of sorts, I joked with Ron that he really missed his era; he would have been … Continue reading

From the Desk of… Michael Mitnick

By Sara Israel My brother, Daniel, is a fine purveyor of both talent and goodness.  I had heard him singing the praises of this guy named Michael Mitnick on each of these fronts for quite a while, and a few … Continue reading

From the Vehicle of… Grace Eboigbe

by Sara Israel Grace Eboigbe is an actress who thoughtfully and meticulously builds her characters.  As both a writer and a director, I have worked with her on numerous occasions.  They are all joyful experiences, because Grace expects collaboration in … Continue reading

Top Three Summer Hotties, 2011 Edition

by Sara Israel This time last year, the absurdly talented actor Michael Welch was experiencing an all-day press junket.  It wasn’t his first.  But this particular one happened to be for a little indie-movie-that-could called “Eclipse”—the third in the “Twilight” … Continue reading